Aberystwyth University Language Exchange Experiences

Hello! We’d like to hear about your experiences of the Aberystwyth University Language Exchange.

Firstly, did you succeed in finding a partner at the language exchange events? If so,

  • How has the exchange worked for you? Are you still exchanging languages/cultures with your partner?
  • Are you able to practise language/s?
  • Have you encountered any issues, problems?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about?

Please leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “Aberystwyth University Language Exchange Experiences”

  1. Dear Antonio ,
    Hope you are doing well .

    I have sheared with you in the meeting ,but unfortunately couldn’t find any one to help me to improve my English , although I have offered to help anyone if you would like to speak Kurdish , also didn’t see each one to do that . so hope we can do that in the future .



  2. I did find a partner, and he has been very helpful in teaching me Mandarin. However, it’s a bit frustrating that I cannot help him with Japanese, which is the language he wants to learn (though he has found someone else since then to help hi, with Japanese). Apart from that all well.


  3. I met Gilda from Italy at the first exchange gathering. We usually meet once a week for an hour, when we split the time between both languages. The opportunity for conversational practice is very useful for us both and we intend to carry on in the New Year.
    Thanks you AberLanguage-Xchange.

    Regards, Alan


  4. Hi! My name’s Dan – I’m a student at Aberystwyth University. Through the language exchange program, specifically the partnership that has been set up with the University of Zaragoza, I was given the details of a student from that University who wanted to learn English and was willing to do her best to teach Spanish.

    We’ve been skyping about weekly for the past couple of months and it’s been helping us both improve our language skills. I have found that having someone to speak to regularly is also a good motivator to help you knuckle down and study. It has been interesting to teach English as well as learning Spanish which is a plus!


  5. I was looking for someone to help me with Mandarin. Antonio put me in contact with a girl who has been very helpful!

    We have been meeting about weekly, organising the meet-ups through WeChat.

    I have a notepad in which I write down questions to ask her and things she teaches me.

    I provide her an opportunity to practise her speaking and listening and give her advice / teach her things where I can (we just chit-chat, I try to make conversation so she can practise).

    Thanks for the help with this!


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